Duvet Covers:

The ins and and Outs

What Are Duvet Covers?

In the world of bedroom accessories and bedding, the duvet cover is the star of the show. In conjunction with pillow cases, a duvet cover is the first item on the bed to catch your eye. The cover needs to be soft and comfortable, but it also needs to be fashionable and interesting to gaze upon. As we saw a hole in the market for better duvet covers, we decided to fill the gap ourselves with a great feeling and looking product.

That’s where Duvai comes in. Our brand creates the highest quality duvets and duvet covers. We design them personally, with perfect taste and style in mind. Duvai’s duvets and duvet covers are the elite of the bedding world.

So, why do you need to use a duvet cover? Isn’t owning just the duvet or the comforter good enough? Au contraire. Using a duvet without a cover is a bad idea. Not only are duvets expensive and difficult to launder, but they also aren’t the prettiest sight on their own. Putting a cover on your duvet helps it not just to be easy to wash, but also to be easy on the eyes.

You see, with a duvet cover, if you spill something on your bed, you can easily remove the cover and wash that alone. Without the cover, you would be stuck taking your entire duvet or comforter to the dry cleaner’s, or possibly risking ruining the whole item. Then you’re left without a duvet for what could possibly be weeks. So instead of facing this trouble, you can simply buy a duvet cover!

Having a duvet cover also helps those who are fashionably inclined. Not only is the duvet cover for practical purposes such as ease of cleaning, but it also allows you to change up your style as frequently as you please. Buying an entirely new comforter or duvet is expensive and a hassle. Changing the duvet cover with each season, or even for special occasions, is so much more simplistic.

At the end of the day, there is no question that you need a duvet cover. So, when shopping for one, what should you consider? There are three main factors to look into. These are size, feel, and color. How big is your comforter or duvet? Do you enjoy how the duvet cover feels to the touch? Is it too soft, or too granular and lastly, what does it look like? Do the colors match your bedroom and your pillows? Is the pattern harsh on the eyes or pleasing to look at?

All of these questions are crucial when deciding on a duvet cover that you will ultimately be pleased with. We at Duvai are passionate about all things bedding, and we desire for you to have the best experience possible. So take your time choosing your duvet and its cover, and come back to visit our website frequently for new deals, news, and all other additions to make your experience great.


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